Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

Yercaud is a hill station in the Salem district on Tamil Nadu, located at an altitude of 4970 feet above sea level. Also known as ‘Jewel of the South’, Yercaud gets its name from the abundance of trees present near the lake which made locals call the place Yeri-Kaadu meaning Lake Forest.Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu

The cool climate in this place is attributed to its situation on the Shervaroys Hills of the Eastern Ghats. The moderate temperate in the area oscillates between 12°C and 30°C. Coffee plantations are abundant in the ranges with the Botanical Survey of India maintaining an orchid as well.Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Places to Visit in Yercaud

There are plenty of places that one must visit in poor man’s Ooty – Yercaud. Here are a list of places to definitely visit.

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

The Yercaud Lake is one of the most visited tourist places in Yercaud. The lake is surrounded by gardens and trees to provide an incredible experience to travelers. There are a wide range of activities to be enjoyed including boating. The picturesque place makes it absolutely irresistible to not click pictures. Yercaud Lake is also known for its shops and eateries which give visitors the real taste of Tamil Nadu culinary and recipes.

Kiliyur Waterfall

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

Water flows from 300 feet above and cascades over numerous rocks before plunging into the Kiliyur valley. The serene location of the place provides a perfect getaway for those looking for a secluded and peaceful spot. Monsoons are the ideal time to visit the waterfall as the water level increases and bathing and boating activities are in full swing.

Lady’s Seat

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

The Eastern Ghats has lots of rocks and big boulders but Lady’s Seat is different and unique amongst all. Shaped like a seat, this rock provides a spectacular viewing experience of the closely moving clouds, mists and greenery all around. In the past, this place was famous among women who visited it often for chit-chats and small talks. Visit this spot for a panoramic view of the entire hill station.

The Servarayan Temple

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

Located at the highest point (5326 feet) in the hill station, the Servarayan Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaveri. The serene place will instantly captivate you with statues and structures of historical importance. The path that is taken to reach this temple is breathtaking in itself with clouds, mists and fog surrounding the whole area to give it a sensational view. Trekking activities can be enjoyed here and the adventure seekers must definitely try a trek to the temple for a rush in adrenaline.Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu

Deer Park

Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu 2023

The Deer Park is a beautiful picnic spot in Yercaud providing an enchanting view of the hills. This is an ideal place for animal lovers as deer can be easily spotted in the place. The lush green playgrounds in the area are suitable for kids who love to play games like cricket and football. It is also a perfect place for nature photographers to capture a few amazing shots.

How to Visit Yercaud

Yercaud can be visited from Salem via road. There are regular buses to Yercaud from the Salem Bus Terminus. From early morning to late night, bus services are available to the place. Buses halt at Cauvery Peak, Nagalur and Swinton Bridge for the convenience of passengers.

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The nearest railway station is the Salem Junction station which is 38 kilometers away from the place. Travelers can take buses or taxis from the station to Yercaud. The Salem junction is well connected to other stations like Trivandrum, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.Yercaud Hill Station in TamilNadu

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