Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu 2023

The wonderful mix of natural resources has made Tamil Nadu one of the leading states in India. The water bodies, hilly areas, forests, grasslands and national parks add to the attraction of the place. The forest cover in Tamil Nadu is about one-sixth of the entire state. Invaluable trees like Sandal, Teak and Rosewood along with different types of fauna and flora make the forests rich in resources.

Forests in Tamil Nadu

  1. Amirthi Forest

Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu

Located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Amirthi Forest is rich is a variety of fauna and flora. One half of this 25 km forest is made as a Wildlife Sanctuary and the other half serves as a tourist spot. You can occasionally see wild animals in the place.

An ideal place for touring and outdoor activities, the forest is unsafe during the nights. Trekking is popular during the day and the place has many waterfalls which make it attractive.

  1. Longwood Shola Forest

Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu

The Longwood Shola Forest which is located in the Kotagiri town of Ooty is one of many natural places in the Nilgris. An integral part of the fragile ecosystem of the place, the Shola Forest is preferred for the amazing trekking experience it offers.

The micro climatic conditions combined with picturesque paths make the forest one of the most beautiful forests in Tamil Nadu. There is sparkling clean water that flows inside the forest which is a water source for the people in nearby towns.

  1. Puliancholai

Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu

A 72 km drive away from the city of Trichy in Taminadu, Puliancholai is a natural scenic beauty. The cool and green forest cover is an attraction to a lot of people. There is a small waterfall inside the forest which adds to the grace of the place.

Situated on the foothills of Kollimalai, Puliancholai is home to animals like leopards, deer, monkeys and wild boars.

  1. Velli Malai

Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu

A densely forested area, Velli Malai is at a distance of 65 km from Theni district in Tamil Nadu. Situated in the Varushanadu Hill Ranges, the place has come under the protection of the state Forest Department to preserve the natural resources.

The 100-acre forest area is a perfect place for seeing rare birds and medicinal plants. The dryland forest has two water bodies in it. Most of the forest cover is prohibited for outsiders to enter.

  1. Muthupettai Mangrove Forest

Top 5 Forests in Tamil Nadu

The Muthupettai Mangrove Forest is full of mangrove trees and extends for an area of about 120 sq. km. The evergreen forest provides a wonderful sight to the tourists who visit the place. A good place to see migratory birds, the forest is filled with these birds during the months of November and December.

Some birds travel from as far as Siberia, Russia and Iran. Flamingoes, Painted Stork, Pelican, Heron and Egret are the rare birds that can be easily spotted.

These are some breathtaking forests in Tamil Nadu. The green cover of the state along with a variety of plants, birds and animals also have natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries in them.

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