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Kuttralam Water Falls – Complete Travel Guide

Kuttralam Water falls also referred as Courtallam, is a famous tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, especially known for waterfalls. Though waterfalls are found all throughout the world, there is one thing that makes Kuttralam special. You can find waterfalls all throughout the city. Yes, that’s the truth! You go to the left or right or north or south, you will find yourselves heading towards a waterfall.

Kuttralam Water Falls

It is located in the district of Tirunelveli in Southern Tamil Nadu. A tour to Kuttralam would be exciting, heavenly and cheap. The season timings are from June to January, though there may be some off-days in between.

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Kuttralam is famous for its waterfalls but you can also find beautiful dams and boat activities. There is a whole big set of places to enjoy in Kuttralam. We will take you through the most important tourist destinations.

Main Falls

Kuttralam Water Falls

Your entry to the Kutralam town is welcomed by the Main falls. Located near the bus stand, the main falls is the most crowded waterfalls and one can bath for 24 hours here. Water falls from 130 feet height and the experience becomes entertaining with crowd from different parts of the world. The Kutraleeshwarar Temple is located close to this main falls and it is devoted to Lord Kuttraleeshwarar. People offer prayers in this temple after taking bath.

Five Falls

Kuttralam Water Falls

The Five Falls or Ainth Aruvi (Local name) is the most famous water fall in Kutralam. It is just 6 kilometres away from the Main Kutralam falls and it is the place where everyone enjoys a lot. This waterfall is famous for five waterfalls in a same fall. Yes, you read it right. The water falling from the top splits into 5 different branches and thus the name is “Five Falls”. We are sure that your mouth would be wide open when you first see this waterfall; such is the beauty of it Nilgiri Mountain Railway – World Heritage Site

Honey Falls or Thenaruvi

Kuttralam Water Falls

This fall received this name because of the purity of the water here. The beautiful Honey fall is located on a hill and one needs to do a 2 hours trekking to reach here. For those who don’t love crowd, Honey falls could be your go-to option Kuttralam Water Falls.

Agasthiyar Falls, Papanasam

Kuttralam Water Falls

Agasthiyar falls is not situated in Kutralam town but a few kilometres outside it. This is one of the most popular waterfalls amongst the local crowd and it attracts thousands of tourists every month. The place is located in Western ghats and you can spot tigers and panthers on the way. Make your trip holy by visiting the Agasthiyar Temple near the falls.

Karayar Dam

Kuttralam Water Falls

Karayar Dam is a few kilometres away from Kuttralam and it takes 1 hour to reach Karayar dam from the city. The scenic location and natural beauty of the dam makes you feel wonderful. Lift up your travel experience by taking a bath in the waterfall located inside the dam. You need to have a boat ride to reach the waterfall. This is a giant waterfall and your experience visiting this place would be inspiring Kuttralam Water Falls.


Kuttralam Water Falls

After all the information above, the obvious reason to visit Kutralam is to take bath in the waterfalls here. Feeling sick or tired of the city life? Come visit Kutralam and relax yourselves. You see almost every tourist having a towel and taking bath every now and then. The police protection is always available and you have every reason to feel safe here. Your bathing would become majestic if you do an oil massage before bath. There are lots of spas available near the falls and it will not be difficult for you to find an oil massage centre.

How to visit Kutralam?

The nearest airports from Kutralam are Tuticorin airport, Madurai airport and Trivandrum airport. All the airports are about 100 kilometres from this place. For travellers who prefer train, they can book their tickets to Tenkasi, which is the nearest airport. Other popular railway stations nearby are Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. While you are in Kutralam, you can always use the cabs or autos to travel around the place.

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