Dams in Tamil Nadu

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Dams and reservoirs fulfill the water requirement of the surrounding region, but apart from that, they are also a major tourist attraction. The lush green beauty surrounding the dams, fish breeding spots and the amazing view of water is what attracts the tourists. Check out the popular dams in Tamil Nadu that are also important travel destinations Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu.

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu

Mettur Dam

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Location: 30 KM from Salem

Undoubtedly the most famous and one of the most prominent dams in Tamil Nadu, the Mettur Dam covers a massive area of 15540 hectare, with its length and height being 1700 meters and 65 meters respectively. The water capacity of the Mettur Dam is 2648 cubic meters. It was constructed in 1934 and it is equipped with a hydro-electric power generation plant of 32 MW

Amaravathi Dam

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Location: 25 KM from Udumalpet, Tirupur District

This dam stands tall at the altitude of 1400 feet. Located in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary clubbed with the scenic beauty of Western Ghats, a visit to this dam is no short of adventure. There is a park near the dam from where you could take brilliant photography. A crocodile farm here called as the Amaravathi Sagar Crocodile Farm is the largest crocodile breeding place in South India.

Manimuthar Dam

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Location: 47 KM from Tirunelveli, 5 KM from Papanasam Waterfalls

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Manimuthar dam is a tourist’s choice. It’s a very popular picnic spot which attracts kids, families, school children and even youngsters. The atmosphere here is super peaceful and it has a beautiful garden for people to play around. The Manimuthar dam is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in South Tamil Nadu.

Stanley Reservoir

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Stanley reservoir is created by Mettur Dam and is one of the largest fishing reservoirs in India. The capacity of Stanley reservoir is over 90,400,000,000 cubic feet (over 900 tmc). This reservoir was constructed in the same year as Mettur Dam and its main source of water is the Kaveri river.Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu

Pechiparai Dam

Location: 43 KM from Nagercoil

Simply, a thrilling place to visit! The place is chill surrounded by lush green hills and forests. The dam is constructed across Kodayar river in Nagercoil and its depth is almost 15 meters. Pechiparai Dam is also one of the major tourist attractions in south Tamil Nadu.

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Aliyar Reservoir

Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu that are Tourist Spots

Location: Pollachi, Coimbatore district

The dam got its name as it was constructed across the river Aliyar and serves the main purpose of irrigation. The dam is located in the Anamalai hill range of Western Ghats. To be precise, it is situated on the foothills of Valparai. It was constructed in the years 1959-69. For locals, the Aliyar reservoir is a popular destination to be during weekends.

Dam construction in Tamil Nadu started 100 years ago. You should definitely check out these Tamil Nadu’s Oldest Dams Famous Dams in Tamil Nadu.

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